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FORTRESS MOON is set in a alternate universe where WWII lasted well into the 50's. Earth's resources we're devastated, but technology brought about through the war enable humanity to reach the Moon where they discovered Element X, which when refined provides ample energy.


Mining on the Moon was rough work for the men and women there. Fatalities were high and the Miners wanted better living standards, but were refused. They soon formed a faction calling themselves the Lunar Colonists and drove off anyone that stood against them.


With Earth's new energy source under an embargo, the greatest nations of the time formed an alliance in a last ditch effort to take back their mine-bases against the rebel miners now calling themselves the Lunar Colonists.

This is where the game begins. The Lunar Colonists, owning all 30 of the Mine-bases, have converted mining equipment and even robots to help in their fight.


The Earth Forces, comprising of the United States, USSR, and Republic of China, have landed troops on the Moon to reclaim the bases, but with resources low they have only 6 Turns in which to complete their mission.


If they can reclaim at least 16 of the 30 Mine-bases the Lunar Colonists must forfeit their hold on the Moon, but if they don't succeed then Earth must recognize the Moon and the Colonists as a free State.

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