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The Creators:


Alan & Thorin Thompson (Co-creators/ Designers) 

For over two years this Father/Son Team have been working on producing their first board game, FORTRESS MOON.  Though gamers themselves there was a still a learning curve when it came to designing not only the mechanics, but also the aesthetics.  It's been a fun challenge for the two and this is just the beginning!


However, they couldn't have gotten very far without the amazing artists featured below:


Concept & Design:


Jordyn Boci (Concept Artist) also works in Film/Television Industry as a SF/X Makeup Artist. Her other talents include (but are not limited to) Costuming, Sculpting, Painting, Leather Working, etc, etc! Jordyn drew up the original designs for all the miniatures in the game. 


Game Art:


Buzz Setzer (Artist/ Colorist) started his career in Comics in the early 90's working for DC Comics as a Colorist on a variety of titles including Catwoman, Hawkman, & Green Arrow.


Daryell Banks (Artist) began his career in comics around 1989 and has worked on titles such as Doc Savage, The Wild Wild West, and Justice Machine.  In '93 he started working with DC Comics onGreen Lantern co-creating the Kyle Rayner Green Lantern, Parallax, and other characters.  Other works include Captain America and X-Men for Marvel.


Charles Barnett III (Artist/ Inker) has worked for DC and Marvel on titles such as Star Trek, Thor, The Avengers, & Teen Titans!  He has consistently worked in comics since his debut with Marvel in '91.


3D Modeling:

Adam Montogomery (3D Artist) specializes in a large array of digital media and design. He's worked with clients such as Comedy Central, VISA, and Microsoft. If you like his work with our Miniatures Units then check out his website:

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