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  • Fortress Moon is a 2-4 player strategic war game in a 1950's alternate history.


  • One player take control of a faction known as the LUNAR COLONISTS, rebel miners who have taken control of the Mining Facilities on the Moon and are holding hostage the precious energy source known as ELEMENT X!


  • The remaining three players command the EARTH FORCES, three countries (Republic of China, USA, & USSR who have joined forces to launch wave after wave of invasions in order to reclaim their Mine-bases.


  • Each faction has 6 turns to complete their goals. Can the Lunar Colonists hold onto to 15 Mine-bases or with the Earth Forces take control of 16 and reclaim the Moon's resource of Element X, before the resources of Earth deplete!



  • 5 games in 1! Endure the Ear on the Moon by playing the Full (approx. 3-4hr) or chose from 1 of 4 Scenarios for quicker game play when there just isn't enough time for a full on war!


  • 10 Unique Miniatures designed with the golden age of science fiction pulp in mind!


  • Artwork from leading comic book artists, Buzz Setzer, Darryl Banks & Charles Barnett III, that truly capture that feeling of 1950's  sci-fi!

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